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Enter your desired domain and see what happens
Be prepared to search many different names before you find one that’s available.
I recommend: Network Solutions and Register.com are two of the biggest domain registration services. At either site, you can easily search for domain names in a variety of TLDs by simply entering your desired name in the search box. Results will show in which, if any, of the TLDs your name is available.
Get your domains at a discount
For great pricing, GoDaddy is great – consider this site if you are registering multiple domains or have a tight budget.
I recommend: GoDaddy.com is hugely popular among entrepreneurs in part because of its rock-bottom pricing.
Look like a real pro
The .pro domain is a little more complicated to figure out, but offers benefits for certain types of professionals.
I recommend: EnCirca.com registers .pro and other domains. See their list of supported extensions.
Discover how domain names work
Grasping how the system works can help you decide what type of domain to get for your business.
I recommend: Internic.net has a non-technical explanation of the domain name system, and a directory of registration companies. There’s also a good FAQ on domain names and extensions.
Want something more memorable? Try a .tv address
It works exactly like a .com address, but allows you to brand you or your business using one of the most recognized two-letter symbols in the world – “TV.” Many good names are still available on this domain extension.
I recommend: .TV Corporation sells names under that TLD.

Tips & Tactics
Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide
• The profession-specific .pro extension is exclusive to licensed pros in law, engineering, accounting and medicine. Others being added include architects, financial planners, dentists, nurses, insurance agents, real estate brokers, veterinarians, psychologists, educators and others.
• The .pro extensions cost more than most others, but are still a minor expense in the overall picture. Many professionals register both types – one for their corporate identity (such as aed.eng.pro) and one to boost their search engine rankings, such as advanced.pro. One of the first names to go was business.cpa.pro.
• Dot-com remains king, but as business owners migrate to the newer TLDs, the distinctions may begin to disappear.
• Remember that you aren’t limited to one TLD. If you find a name you like, it’s best to register it in multiple extensions in order to protect your brand.