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Welcome to the “new” Internet where something odd has occurred: While registering a domain name is super simple, deciding which one to get and what “extension” to hang it on is more complicated than ever. When you select a domain name for your business, you must also choose an extension – the portion of the name that comes after the “dot,” like .com, .net or .org. These extensions are called “top level domains” or TLDs, and they’ve been proliferating like mosquitoes in a swamp. Newer TLDs include .jobs, .coop, .name, .aero, .mobi, .geo and .tel, among others. Of course, the “original” .com is great for most businesses, but the best names on that extension are long gone. One of the newer TLDs of interest is .pro, for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers. The .pro extension is available in two flavors: “profession-specific,” such as patent.law.pro and “generic” such as patent.pro where the “middle name” (here “law”) is left out. Here’s a rundown of some key TLDs:
1. .aero – air transport industry
2. .biz – for business use
3. .com – commercial organizations, but unrestricted
4. .coop – cooperatives
5. .info – for informational sites, but unrestricted
6. .jobs – employment-related sites
7. .mobi – sites catering to mobile devices
8. .name – families and individuals
9. .net – unrestricted
10. .org – unrestricted
11. .pro – for specified professions
12. .travel – travel-related sites
13. .post – postal services
14. .geo – geographically-related sites
15. .us – for U.S.-based entities
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