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New iPad 3D-mapping technology is from Swedish-based C3 Technologies (c3technologies.com). It was developed from recently declassified missile targeting technology originally developed by Swedish aerospace powerhouse Saab(saabgroup.com). With world leading products, services and solutions from military defense to civil security, Saab serves the global market.

Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology. To meet customers’ changing needs, Saab develops, adapts and makes improvement to new technology. It has operation on every continent. Europe, South Africa, Australia and U.S are its most important market today and it has almost 13,200 employees who are employed in its five areas of business.
New iPad 3D Mapping Technology (CES 2011) has already been applied to the iPad, that is why the new technology is very meaningful to the world of Apple. For developers, it is going to be released as an SDK to use in navigation apps, social media etc.

Every house has been rendered in 3D in the map of San Francisco and the SDK comes with both SF and London maps. More maps are being added and other major cities maps are available from C3. A companion streets-level application that is like StreetView of Google is also contained by C3.