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Apple introduced the iPad in India just a month ago. With the launch of the iPad 2 on March 2, Apple announced a $100 (Rs. 4,500 approx.) price cut on the price of the original iPad models which now starts at $399 (Rs. 18,000 approx.) in U.S. Following that, the company has announced a price cut of about $ 75.6 (Rs. 3,400 approx.) for India and hence the Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi models are available starting at a new MRP of Rs. 24,500. This is something new and interesting because price cuts on Apple products haven’t been effective so quickly in India till now.

Check the new prices of Apple iPad tablet in India.

In late January, the Apple iPad was launched in India, priced at Rs. 27,900 for the basic 16GB Wi-Fi only model. You can check the old prices below:

Even after the new prices have been made effective, many doubt that this kind gesture is hinting at the arrival of the Apple iPad 2 in India anytime soon. Apple might release the iPad 2 in India by around November or December.