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Charlie Sheen, just days after being fired from CBS’Two and a Half Men,” has fired back with a $100-million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre, the studio and executive producer behind the show.

The suit, filed Thursday morning in Santa Monica Superior Court, charges that Sheen was only fired from the show because he had recently criticized Lorre both on radio and television. Warner Bros., in a letter to Sheen’s attorney Martin Singer, had said Sheen was fired because he had become a liability on the show and his erratic off-stage life had started to affect his ability to perform. (Here is a copy of the suit.) The suit also says it is pursuing claims for the benefit of the entire cast , crew and actors to be paid for the rest of the current TV season.

Sheen’s “conduct and condition prevented him from performing his essential duties” and undermined Lorre and Warner Bros.’ ability to produce the show, and his suspension and eventual firing were required, the studio said.

Singer fired back that Sheen had been in compliance with his contract and was ready to return to work after production was shut down so the performer could seek treatment for substance-abuse issues.

CBS and Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the show for the season and then fired Sheen, who had continued to attack the network, studio and Lorre.

Warner Bros. had no comment on the suit. The studio has indicated that it believes its contract with Sheen calls for arbitration to resolve any differences over the terms of his deal.