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Jittery Japan, now living in dread of a nuclear catastrophe after its atomic energy plant was damaged by an earthquake which tiggered a tsunami on Friday, further supports the cause of anti-nuclear activists and gives us a peek into the disaster we have created in the name of progress and civilisation.
While reeling from the twin disaster, Japan was also hit by a strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake that swayed buildings in Tokyo on tuesday.
The official toll of the dead and missing after the quake and tsunami flattened Japan’s northeast coast has topped11,000, with 3,676 confirmed killed, police said.
Workers were evacuated from the Japanese nuclear power plant after radiation levels surged out of control.
The US has promised to “further improve” the safety of US atomic facilities, while Russian odered a reviews of its nuclear programme and Germany shut down seven reactors.
Will the world wake up to the dangers of nuclear, or will it be business as usual once the Japanese disaster is out of the way?